Opera house in Paris – Palais Garnier

Opera house in Paris – Palais Garnier

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The Opéra a national de Paris b , or simply Opéra de Paris in its short form, is the French opera and ballet company that succeeded those united in 1669 within the Royal Academy of Music c .

The Opera has produced lyrical works in the various halls it has occupied over its history, sung by lyrical artists once permanently attached to it but now invited, as well as ballets , danced by members of its ballet company , accompanied by the musicians of its symphony orchestra .

Since the end of the 20th  century , the activity of the Paris Opera has been organized between the two halls of the Opéra Garnier (inaugurated in 1875 ) and the Opéra Bastille (inaugurated in 1990 ). In everyday language, the term “Paris Opera” often refers to the Palais Garnier in the architectural sense of the term . Between 1939 and 1990, the company was united with the Opéra-Comique ( Salle Favart ) under the name Réunion des théâtres lyriques nationaux .

The company has the status of a French public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature (EPIC) placed under the supervision of the French Ministry of Culture 2 . Its mission is to make lyrical and choreographic heritage works accessible to as many people as possible and also to promote the creation and performance of contemporary works. The Opéra national de Paris also contributes to the professional training and development of singers and dancers , through its lyric art training center and the Nanterre dance school .. Finally, the animation and young audience sector of the Opéra national de Paris develops an educational program each season.

Since 2021, the Opéra national de Paris has been directed by Alexander Neef 3 . The Paris Opera is a member of the Réunion des Opéras de France (ROF), RESEO ( European Network for Opera and Dance Awareness ) and Opera Europa.